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Announcing A Special Offer Through Monday.

Because time is tight - and it’s your Black Friday weekend. - I’m going to get right to it.

Over the last week, I’ve worked on my website, and so I want you to know that my new web store has just launched and has special prices right now.

You may have heard me mention that I was working on getting my store back up, as it is something that you may have been wondering about or even asking for, as you have been looking for a way to collect my work affordably. And several people on Instagram have been asking if there’s any way to collect my work directly from me now, since they weren’t able to make it to my open studio…

Well here’s the deal: I literally just finished redesigning my web store, on which I have been quietly hard at work over the last couple days… And have some really EXCITING NEWS for you:

I’ve been able to set up a special opportunity for collectors to pick up some really affordable originals at a great discount off the regular price!!

AND, I am offering many of my most popular prints directly from me!

CLICK HERE to shop now! That link will take you to where you can see my available pieces on my shop…

Now, before you click on that link, I do need to tell you this:

You see because I’m making this special "Open Studio" pricing available for only the rest of the weekend…

If you’re interested (or even just curious) I strongly recommend you go ahead and check this out now… Because based on very little advertisement, I’ve already made a number of sales…

And from the feedback I’ve received from fans telling me how eager they are for this opportunity…

I have no idea how quickly these paintings and prints are going to go from my store.

So, if you’re even REMOTELY interested…

Go ahead and check this out now, while you’ve got this email and you’re thinking about it.

Here’s the link one last time:

CLICK HERE to visit my brand new shop!

Thanks so much!

-Sergio PS- I have a new teaching project I’m quietly working on behind the scenes. If you’d like to try my upcoming online course as a beta tester and receive personalized feedback then… CLICK HERE to become a beta tester! (Because there are only 10 spots available in this extremely limited special program, go ahead and do this now…)

PPS- This program may be of special interest for you if you have wanted to learn from me but distance/money is an issue for you, plus you want to help me create the best program I can. So if that is you then you’ll want to.. CLICK HERE to join the waitlist!

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