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Fetish Of Form: Trust In Some Method

These pieces are now starting to come together. I've done a lot to them before posting them here, so please enjoy the timelapse videos I have posted along with these pictures.

This video shows one of the steps in between the two stages I posted here.

This piece is probably the most literal of this series. It seems to be the one that people have connected to the most; which is not surprising to me. It gives you the most to hold onto. I think that showing them as a series gives them more impact because of how they contrast from each other.

This one is probably my personal favorite. It is the best balance for me between abstraction and realism. There are only a couple of literal parts, and even the parts that are approaching literal depiction make an abrupt turn into something undefinable. I love that.

This is one where I think I'm more a fan of the previous stage than where it is now. Not that I don't like it, but there is a depth of the layers that it now lacks. I will probably take a sander to this piece to try and recover some of the layers, and soften some of the brushwork. The next step will be the glazing stage after that.

This piece is by far the most wild! There is almost nothing representational in this painting so far, and will likely not have much by the end. It is a great way to study and experiment with different colors textures, blending techniques, depth and more. As you can see, it went through a lot of changes in the hour of work that I did here.

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