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What's Up With Red, Anyway? Part 3

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Red is an important color for me. As I've gone back to look at my body of work, red has a strong presence in it.

Red on my palette is essential for just about any painting I create. There may be only a little bit that makes it onto my painting, but it still needs to be there.

There is a special presence that the color red has in a painting, especially if the color dominates the piece. Notice if you have a spot of red in your house as a painting, or a piece of furniture, or decoration. How much attention does it demand? Is this something that you have thought about, or have you always taken it for granted?

"Drawing On Scarlet" 6x6 inches.

These paintings in particular are very evocative of the passionate nature of the color red, both in subject matter and palette. The word "alluring" would be the best one to describe the feeling that I am after when I create these pieces. Apropos for the holiday, don't you think?

Have you looked at my RED collection yet? I have a special section on my web store that I will have open for a very limited time. You can visit the page and see what I have available by clicking here:

"Moonsugar" 6x6 inches.

My favorite red on my palette is cadmium red. I do love vermillion as well. They can look very similar but I think vermillion is slightly warmer (more orange-y) and cadmium is more smack-dab in the middle of the red part of the color wheel.

It may look like this paintings are simply red and black, there are a lot of different types of red that I use to convey the form. In order to make the red lighter(to show the part of the figure closer to the light), I mix some cadmium orange into my paint piles. As the form turns away from the light, I mix some alizarin crimson(a darker, much more violet red) into the paint pile to make it go darker and cooler.

This is not a large collection so the stock is extremely limited. If you’ want add one to your collection, CLICK HERE.

These paintings and all of the paintings from my RED collection 20 percent off until the 14th of this month. Remember, just enter the code "RED" in the coupon section at checkout.

Are you interested in one of my other RED paintings?

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