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What's Up With Red, Anyway? Part 4

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

"Allure And Danger" 24x36 inches.

This painting gets attention. Every time I have displayed it in my studio, people are magnetized to it. The power of red as a color in my painting is no stronger on-display than in this piece.

At a recent open studio, something I heard frequently was "Wow, look at this painting! Is it new? How come I've never seen it before?"

And it struck me that I've not put this painting out in the public often enough. It displayed for about a month at a gallery that no longer exists, and has been on my studio racks since.

The way I've treated this painting is a way I've habitually treated myself and my business. I get excited about an idea, execute it, then get timid about it and hide it. It's something I've identified recently as something I need to grow out of, because I feel like the world is missing out on what I have the potential to tap into with my art. All I need to do is see it through and guide an idea along through the journey it's meant to take.

I am happy to reintroduce to you this painting as a direct communication between myself and you the supporter.

At a size of 2 by 3 feet, it is large enough to stand out on any wall, yet not too large to be overwhelming or unable to fit in most spaces.

In this studio shot, you can see some of the texture in the piece. When I painted it, it started off fairly abstract and textural. As I painted it, the fact was driven home that my passion is pure painting: using brushwork to depict form, light, shape and value. If you read the passion in the painting, then you are the person this painting is speaking to.

Ps. I can offer a payment plan on this piece in order to suit your budget if you're interested in owning a piece but can't pay the full amount up-front. Just email me with your interest by CLICKING HERE. I understand that a painting this size may be out of your budget on first thought, but if you are truly moved by this piece, let's talk about what I can do to help you own it.

For this sale I am offering my payment plan option on the rest of the paintings from my RED collection. Send me an email to learn more: INQUIRE.

I just wanted to remind you that Valentine's Day is the LAST DAY to take advantage and get 20% off of any painting from this RED collection . If you’ve wanted to add one to your collection, act now while it's on your mind: CLICK HERE.

Remember, this offer will disappear at midnight PST tomorrow night so don't hesitate. Just enter the code "RED" in the coupon section at checkout. Also remember, by buying directly from me, you are supporting me and not a gallery that, although vital and well-meaning, may or may not even exist next year, as was the case with the original home of "Allure And Danger."

Are you interested in one of my other RED paintings? CLICK HERE to browse my RED collection.

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