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YOU are who the world needs to hear!

“Museums of art will not make a country an art country. But where there is the art spirit, there will be precious works to fill museums.” -Robert Henri

When you read the words, “Art Spirit,” what do they mean to you? 🤔

My art is my voice. The art spirit is so important to me because it is the way my soul tells the world, “I am here. The fact that I am here matters.”

I believe that fulfillment results from honoring your soul’s wishes. How many times have you made decisions against your soul to accommodate other people’s well-meaning ideas?

Your art connects you to the collective spirit of humanity.

Not only do I find it necessary to be connected, but I also feel a strong urge to add value to the collective spirit by producing the best art I can.

I want you to discover this revelation that I have found for myself: You can sing through your art even if you speak in whispers.

It was something that I owned and accepted the importance of for myself, and I believe it is the same for all of us as artists. It’s the engine that makes your heart beat. It’s the machine that gives your soul a voice. It’s the connection to your tribe that this facilitates. There are infinite ways to express this, and it’s your duty as an artist to find the most beautiful ones.

If you have the same passion for seeking beauty (and I think you do, if you’re still with me here), let’s make it happen.

I want to challenge you to think of your art as more than something pretty to decorate walls. I want you try to think of it as an exploration of your own beauty.

If you feel like your artistic voice is shaky, I understand you. If you feel like you still won’t be heard even if you do your best, I have been where you are.

I want you to cultivate your beautiful vision and continue to develop your technique as an artist. To give your voice confidence, so that when you do speak, more people will want to listen.

You have a beautiful voice in your soul. Let’s build it up together!

This painting was created for Wonderland SF's final show after 10 years, “El Final De Una Era”. Opening reception June 1, 2019 6pm - until the cops show up 👮

The lineup is crazy - over 100 pieces will be on display! Enjoy amazing art, DJs, food and live bands! Save the date! 1266 Valencia street, SF.

Link to show information by clicking on the picture.

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I liked this very much.

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