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5.5x7.5 inches. Gouache on watercolor paper.


One of Vanessa's favorite things in the whole world are dahlias, so a whole farm full of them is heaven for her. It was a small dream for her to be photographed in a whole field of dahlias, so I happily obliged. This was a super hot day in the middle of summer that we went out and did the shoot together. It was worth it though! I got a handful of fun photos from it and this is one of the better portraits that came of it.


This was a demo I painted for the Sentient Academy gouache course I'm working on. It was an exercise on how to use gouache like watercolor. It's difficult to build up transparent darks with it, but the lights handle similarly. Lifting the paint out to reveal more of the paper is a little easier in gouache too. Try it if you're looking for a different way to use gouache!

Paint Drip #160 Vanessa In The Dahlias

SKU: 100336
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