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4x6 inches. Gouache on watercolor paper.


This is a painting of Motif #1 in Rockport, MA. It's got a pretty interesting history. The original building was a fishing shack/artist studio from the 1840's. It became a popular painting subject amongst the plein air artists in the area, so much so that a popular artist/art teacher exclaimed the improvised on-the-spot nickname for it one day. There was a huge blizzard in 1978 that destroyed the original so the rebuilt version is the one that stands there today.


We had the same feelings about the building as we walked around town looking for a place to paint. It wasn't even just the building that attracted us to painting it. It was the lovely and interesting scene around it. I feel like in order to be a competent plein air painter in New England you have to be really good at painting a lot of detail quickly. There is just so much info getting thrown at you that you need to be fast and edit ruthlessly.

Paint Drip #267 The Most Often-Painted Building In America

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