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8.5x5.5 inches. Acrylic gouache, water-soluble carbon and graphite on paper.


This is a technique I'm really ejoying developing. I use acrylic gouache to make the deep dark blacks to make a strong two-value statement, then I transition out from the dark shapes with the water-soluble carbon to model the form or create other shades of darkness in the composition. I finish with graphite to do the small details. I will use white gouache if i need to go back to pure white. I also have a white water-soluble "graphite" to do some more subtle white tones if necessary but I try to avoid it because it changes the color temperature to mix opaque white into black. In order to keep a nice warm black, you need to use the white of the paper.

Paint Drip #55 Noir 1

SKU: 100183
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