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Painted Roses, Start To Finish

The Making of

"Secret Recipe"

Because I’ve had my followers ask me about how I create a Painted Roses piece from start to finish, I was motivated to document the entire process in order to share it with those who want to learn.

Over the last few months I’ve been quietly putting together a video series exclusively for my Patreon subscribers… And now I’m releasing it to you!
I’m announcing that my new video download, ”Painted Roses, Start To Finish: The Making of "Secret Recipe"  has just launched and is now available on Gumroad!

In this series, you get to see every step of the way I create a painting, from creatively tweaking the reference, to drawing, color mixing, problem solving and so much more!

This will help you understand from a professional artist’s perspective how you can then use the information to help you improve your own art.
If you’ve expressed interest in learning from me before, and have been asking if there’s any way to learn from me, even if you’re not able to learn in person...
Here is your chance to virtually sit in my studio and watch me create a painting start-to-finish for a very small price!

And to make it even better for you:

I’ve been able to set up a special opportunity for the early-birds...

You can be one of the first ten people to purchase the video download for $10 off the already-low price!


That link will take you to the Gumroad page where you will be able to access the video download page.
As you consider purchasing, I do need to tell you this:
Because I’m going to promote this to the rest of my following on social media in the next few days…
If you’re interested (or even just curious)…
I strongly recommend you go ahead and check it out.
Because based on the feedback I’ve received from my following telling me how eager they are to learn from me…
I have no idea how quickly they are going to snap up the ten early-bird purchases.
So, if you’re even REMOTELY interested…
Go ahead and check this out now, while you’ve got this email and you’re thinking about it.

"Secret Recipe"

16x20 in. oil painting on linen board.

If you’re someone who is cautious about spending money on a video tutorial, you’re surely not alone. Hey, we all want to do our own research, don’t we?

So I thought I’d take a moment to answer some questions you may have.





1. How much video do I actually get when I download the tutorial?

You get 14 videos, which adds up to over 11 hours of content. Each of which has plenty of commentary explaining all of my process.

2. What is the quality of the video?

I recorded the entire tutorial series in HD video myself with the highest available quality on my Canon 70D camera. I also recorded the audio on a separate track for the most clear audio quality.

3. Will the tutorial always be available to me?

Yes! Once you purchase, you will always have access to the download from the Gumroad website. Once downloaded, you can keep them saved to your computer/tablet/etc. You can even stream them from the website if you prefer not to download.

4. Is anything besides the videos included?

I have included a high-resolution picture of the finished painting “Secret Recipe” that you can make a print of, as well as pictures of the painting at each stage of production.

5. Are there any extra requirements to follow along?

In order to repeat everything I demonstrate, you will need some extra software: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. You can use them on a trial basis from I do go through most of the oil painting supplies I use to paint, so you will learn about those as well!

6. I purchased the download, but I’m not satisfied for some reason. What can you do for me?

I'm happy to announce that now I include a 10-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! You can try it out and see how much value you get from this tutorial series, risk-free.

You can be one of the first ten people to purchase the video download for $10 off the already-low price!


I’m wondering if you may be hesitant to purchase because you’re not sure what you might gain from watching this video series.
So I am going to show you what the big take-aways from watching this series will be:



You will learn how to play with color in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to take an OK photo to one you will be excited to paint from.



You will learn exactly how I create my signature style of background/foreground merging in a way that you can replicate for your own art, and be inspired to create your own signature method!



You will learn how to draw your reference on to the canvas in a way that retains your artistic skill and integrity.

And that is only the first six videos -- There are 8 more videos to explain my painting technique!

 Here is some of what else I cover for you:

  • My palette mixtures

  • Skin tones

  • Backgrounds

  • Texture

  • Color temperature

  • Being prolific

  • Avoiding perfectionism

And so much more. I hold nothing back!

So if these are some things you are struggling with, and you trust me to give you a helping hand, then you’re going to want to give ”Painted Roses, Start To Finish: The Making of "Secret Recipe" a try!
So if you’re interested, then go ahead and...


For less than half the cost of a day’s instruction, you get about a whole weekend workshop’s worth of information that you can access anytime, anywhere!

In addition to that, you also get a high-resolution picture of the painting “Secret Recipe” that you can create a print from if you so desire, included as a bonus!
This offer will be made to the rest of the public tomorrow so the remaining $10 discount coupons will be snatched up quickly!

So here’s the link one last time:

I look forward to hearing how this tutorial helps you!


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