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3 Tips For Better Gouache Consistency

Paint Drip #311: "Coastal Hills From Shiloh" 4x6.5 inches. Gouache on watercolor paper.

Feel like you're struggling with getting the right consistency of gouache?

Here are three reasons you may not be getting the results you want.

1. You're starting with too much water mixed into your paint.

Always start with as much paint in your mixture as possible, and only add enough water to make it fluid, and no more!

2. Your brand of gouache is inferior!

A lot of the cheap brands have too much binder, or additives in the binder that make it sticky, or harden too fast. Spend a little more per tube and you'll do much better in the long run.

3. Your paper is too absorbent.

A lot of times, your surface makes a big difference in what happens to the paint. The same mixture can behave differently on one type of paper vs. another. Try a paper meant for watercolor, or an illustration board.

The moment I began to understand that you need way less water mixed into the paint than you think was when my journey to mastering gouache started to really take off.

This is just one of the ways I went from just figuring out gouache to making professional-quality paintings with the medium in a short amount of time.

If you want to learn more about taking your gouache to the next level comment below!

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