A course on gouache mastery with Sentient Academy

"Gouache Made Easy"

Hey, does this sound like you?

You’re a gouache artist who’s beginning to understand the medium but still has plenty to learn. You’ve taken a few classes online and got a few good tips from them, but you left them wanting for a lot more. 

My goal is to help elevate the medium of gouache to its rightful place as a fine art medium worthy of museum walls. In order to do that, I want to both elevate my own work and help you as a student to unlock the potential of this exciting yet underrated medium.

Let’s master this medium together!

I would love to chat with you over Zoom to help me build a new online venture I’m working on. It would mean the world to me if we could hop on a quick call and I could ask you a few questions and see if I could help you on your path to discovery.



Want to know more about what I can teach you?

I have created a system of painting called The ECR Method. ECR stands for Establish-Compare-Refine. This is a method that I have used as the main way of working for most of my paintings, but I have broken down each step and expanded on it in order to teach artists like you!

Download the free guide here:

"It’s such a solid and simple method... everyone starting out with plein air should be downloading your PDF!"

-Jerarde Gutierrez, veteran plein air painter.


The most entertaining least informative art podcast in the world. Hosted by artists Sergio Lopez and Joshua Lawyer.


Course preview videos, Q&A's, timelapse videos, demos and much more.

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