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Want to take your gouache practice to the next level?

Yes! I want to master gouache using the ECR Method.

Get motivated to paint again, or level up your current practice with gouache!

Are you stuck at trying to layer with gouache?
How about controlling the consistency of gouache?
  • Looking for a way to be able to control gouache better?
  • Want to use gouache to depict light and shadow?
  • Ready to build your confidence in a medium that is growing in popularity?

If you've tried to DIY it before, you know how difficult it can be to layer with gouache. I'll show you everything you need to know in order to handle the medium of gouache in  all  situations, and a step-by-step method  for  painting that can carry into any opaque medium!

Gouache Made Simple
  • 4 hours of instruction a week, 2 classes a week, for six weeks. (24+ hours of instruction)
  • Classes delivered live via Zoom, 5-7pm Pacific time
  • Live classes and hands-on critiques 
  • Recorded lessons that you can access and rewatch anytime
  • Support and community via a private Discord server
  • I teach my entire ECR Method painting process step-by-step, week-by-week with  take-home assignments
  • Additional lessons on composition, edges and color

If you’re tired of your gouache practice being a mess, and not having a direction...

My ECR Method of Establish-Compare-Refine walks you through the exact steps you need to follow in order to create a great painting. It’s so logical and straightforward, yet leaves so much room to express yourself!

Do you love painting in oils but are getting tired of the set-up or cleanup?

Interested in the ease of set-up, as well as the portability?

  • Feeling in a rut?

  • Feeling like you're taking one step forward, two steps back in your painting process?

  • Need an expert eye to steer you away from bad habits and help fix your mistakes?

I'm here to help.

When I first learned to use gouache, it was done in a way that was very rigid and not very fun...

It wasn’t until I saw artists treating it as a true painting medium and not just for design that I was opened up to the world of gouache as a legitimate fine art medium.




Even so, it took me years of learning, trial and error, and experimentation to get to where I am today.

That's why, in just 6 weeks, you will see a transformation not only in your understanding of gouache, but in your understanding of painting at large! These are lessons that you will be able to take into other media beyond gouache!

You've got a master of gouache living inside of you.

Don’t hesitate to bring that master out of you!

Want To Know If
Is Right For You?
  • Are you an aspiring pro, or at least want to paint like one?
  • Have you tried gouache before but you’re struggling with your current methods?
  • Are you having trouble getting rich color? Radiant light and deep shadows?
  • Are you having a hard time keeping your gouache fresh and feel like you’re wasting paint every time you paint with gouache?
  •  Are you having trouble with the specific nature of gouache and don’t know the solution?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then "Gouache Mastery Using The ECR Method" is right for you. 


What's Inside The Course?

Lesson 1
Lesson 2

Getting A Handle On Gouache: Supplies and composition

Establish Our Scene

Lesson 3
Lesson 4

Comparing Elements  To Develop Our Painting

Refine Our Painting To The Finish

Lesson 5
Lesson 6

Master Our Palette

Putting It All Together

$600 for Lifetime Access*

Meet The Teacher

Sergio Lopez,

Professional Fine Artist, San Francisco Bay Area

Humble beginnings as a creative person can lead you down a path to make your dreams realized in the future with enough hard work. 


What I hope to bring to the world is an understanding of the importance of beauty for the human soul by creating the most beautiful awe-inspiring works I’m capable of, and helping others create their art at the greatest capacity, then communicating why these works matter. 


My paintings are the truest representation of what I want to express and what I believe to be the best representation of what I consider beautiful. They present my skillsets in all facets to the highest degree and what I want you to have the ability to access.


Since beginning participation in events in 2010, I have won the Carmel Art Festival in 2017,  Sonoma Plein Air’s grand prize award in 2013, the Valona Paint Out best of show award twice, 3 awards in the San Clemente Festival, and many more.

This course shows you everything you need to learn about gouache in detail from wherever in the world you are!

You don’t need another free Youtube video or Instagram Live to try and piece together your gouache education. You need a teacher to guide you through the process and showing you actionable steps toward mastery!
Things To Know Before You Join
"Gouache Mastery Using The ECR Method":

It does take time and effort to internalize the lessons put forth in this course. Getting the info in front of your eyes is easy. Learning them will mean you have to show up and do the (fun) work. If you join but don't have the time to dedicate to it, well maybe this course won't help you.


  • If you’ve always wanted to learn to paint in gouache...
  • Or if you’ve tried it before and want to learn how to use it better...
  • And if you have a few hours a week to dedicate to your painting practice...
  • If you’re willing to follow simple steps toward mastery...
  • And you have the drive and motivation to see your improvement over time...


Then I invite you to enroll in “Gouache Mastery Using The ECR Method”  and see how simple andf gratifying   learning to paint in gouache can be!

Steps For Signing Up

Step 1: Sign up for a discovery call by clicking the button above

Step 2: Talk to me via Zoom so I can understand your goals and see if it's a good fit

Step 3:  Send in your payment and get access!

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What are students saying
about the course?

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PS. Did you skip to the bottom?

I get it. I do the same thing too on long sales pages ;-)


Well, here's the deal:

At the end of this course, you will have learned how to control the consistency of gouache in order to be able to build up a painting using layers. You will have learned how to paint a variety of different subjects in gouache and how to depict light and color with this medium. You will also have learned much about universal artistic principles, such as composition, that you can carry into other media.

Simplify your method of gouache painting so that you have a clear plan to create a work of art everytime!

*Payment plans available if you're not able to pay in full immediately, but there is a $100 discount if you pay in full before class begins!

Copyright 2023 Sergio Lopez. 1908 Eversley Place, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

To read Privacy Policy, click HERE

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