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A 6-week Online Course:
Gouache Mastery Using

Hey, does this sound like you?

You’re a gouache artist who’s beginning to understand the medium but still has plenty to learn. You’ve taken a few classes online and got a few good tips from them, but you left them wanting for a lot more. 

My goal is to take my students from just trying to figure things out to making professional-quality gouache paintings.

With my experience, I help people solve a lack of understanding of the medium, a lack of structure when it comes to learning it, and a slow output.

I’ve been working behind the scenes to put together a course for a small-but-dedicated group of students, and have been doing discovery calls to find good fits.

I’ve now created an action plan to help you reach your goals for gouache painting. And I’m opening up 6-8 spots to work with me to create true transformation.

Let’s master this medium together!

If you’re interested in learning more, click on the button below (spots are limited

--  and we’re getting started February 2024) and let’s hop on a call.

Want to know more about what I can teach you?

I have created a system of painting called The ECR Method. ECR stands for Establish-Compare-Refine. This is a method that I have used as the main way of working for most of my paintings, but I have broken down each step and expanded on it in order to teach artists like you!

Download the free guide here:

"It’s such a solid and simple method... everyone starting out with plein air should be downloading your PDF!"

-Jerarde Gutierrez, veteran plein air painter.


The most entertaining least informative art podcast in the world. Hosted by artists Sergio Lopez and Joshua Lawyer.


Course preview videos, Q&A's, timelapse videos, demos and much more.


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