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I am creating these prints in a way that connects my work with you directly with nobody in-between.

I am working directly with local printers, and they ship straight from my studio to your door!

Each print is hand-signed by myself and stamped with its own unique color combination of inks with my own custom-designed stamper.

I'm only doing a small edition of 25. The print is 13x13 inches, and the image is printed at the size of the original, which is 10x10 inches. 

The Print

Each image is printed on paper by Breathing Color with an Elegance Velvet finish.


Your eyes will be pleased with the velvety texture and deep rich color, faithfully reproduced by the expert printers at Digital Grange in Petaluma, California. They are considered masters of the field of art reproduction and are at the top of the standard for fine art print services. 


Once they are picked up, I then take them to my studio for signing, stamping, packing and shipping.

The Stamp

The stamp is of an image I custom-designed from my painting “Florosculism” Each edition of stamping is a new color-combo chosen by me as an extra enhancement to the piece.


It is a fun and unique way to add an extra layer of artistry and authenticity to the piece.

Packing And Shipping

Once it’s signed and stamped, it is then sleeved in its own crystal-clear bag for extra safety, wrapped in tissue paper for insulation, and gently rolled into its shipping tube.

I then put a sticker on that tube so you know it’s me 🙂


I print that shipping label on to the shipping tube then get that to the post office as soon as I can. You will soon be the proud new owner of a Sergio Lopez print!

The value of prints vs. originals.

Some people are adamant about not collecting a print; they feel like they need to own the original piece or nothing at all. Although this is a very valid notion, it can be limiting for many reasons.


This has to be the number one reason for collecting a print over an original. The print is anywhere from 10x to even +30x less than the original! Although nothing beats the presence of an original piece of art with the material and artist’s hand involved, a good print can provide a reasonable facsimile, and its own collectible qualities. At the end of the day, though you may never be able to justify buying a painting in the ten-thousands; however, a work of art that is less than $100 is within your reach.


For most oil painters, unless they have a very specific reason to do so, we don’t create copies of our paintings by hand. This can of course limit the amount of products we can offer.


So what do we have left? Well a lot, actually.


In this day and age, I can print my work onto almost anything I can think of, and fabricate all sorts of different things based on my art. I believe however, that the gold standard of reproduction for a fine art piece will always be a limited edition archival print on fine paper.


Limiting the supply also raises the value of both the print, and the original painting by making the collectibility of a print something special.


For me personally, enhancing the print with something unique that can’t be easily reproduced (in other words, putting the artist’s hand on it) is a great way to add value to the print. With my stamping of the print with a unique color per edition, this is something that only I can do because I am the only one with the stamp, plus it’s my own color combination of inks that I’m using for the stamp.


I think that when I create a unique print with its own artistry, it not only brings up the value of the original painting by showing that the image is collectible, but it also becomes a highly collectible item on its own. 


Plus, who’s to say that you can’t also collect a print if you already own the original? Gift idea, anyone? 😉

If you are ready to collect, you can do so by following the link HERE:

Limited Quantities!

There are only a few prints, since I am only producing a limited run of 25 total.
These prints are likely going to go fast today, so be sure to reserve yours now- you just have to…

Remember, because you are purchasing directly from me, you are not just supporting some faceless print shop.
Instead, you’re supporting me directly, which in turn gives me the opportunity to create future offers for you.
In addition to that, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, I will work with you to make sure you are happy with your purchase, money-back guaranteed.

I look forward to helping you collect your own special print!



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