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3 Tips To Get Un-Stuck And Painting Again!

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Feel like you're stuck just trying to overcome your painting anxieties?

Here's how to unstick yourself and get to painting in three simple steps.

1. Carve out time to paint, and stick to it. Put it in your Google calendar if you have to! The more you commit to a task beforehand, the more you are likely to follow through. Treat it like an important meeting with yourself!

2. Do an art-related exercise before starting.

Sometimes all that's missing is momentum. If you can get yourself to set everything up, have the materials in front of you, and you still can't get going, Try this: pull out a sketchbook, find a picture with something that you would want to paint, and do a quick 5-minute study of it. It doesn't have to look like anything presentable at the end. All that matters is that you have moved your brush along a surface. That alone should break you out of your inertia. And if you decide to keep going, then follow that momentum!

3. Realize your situation doesn't have to be perfect to create art.

Too often, amateur artists make excuses in their brain for why they can't paint right now. Professionals make it work despite the obstacles. Especially in plein air events! Sometimes however, being in too cozy of a

situation makes us feel too safe, and therefore robs us of motivation as well. So set up a goal for yourself, and get to work on starting to hit that goal as soon as possible. Your brain can't help but get you moving in the right direction!

When I stopped waiting for the perfect situation for creating, I really started to become more prolific with my output.

This is just one of the ways I went from feeling like I'm not painting enough to having a professional mindset, and therefore a professional output.

If you want to learn more about taking your gouache to the next level, comment below or email me!

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