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How To Create A Palette: High-Chroma Palette

Here is a three-part mini-series on how you can put together a full-spectrum palette out of the colors you own, and can help you decide on what your next colors to buy should be. I'm using gouache for this example but you can use any medium and achieve the same results.

Part 1

In this video, I'm going to share with you how you can create a palette out of your paints to suit your specific needs. In this mini-series of videos, we are going to create a high-chroma palette for bright and colorful paintings. In this chapter of our series, I am going to show you an easy and simple way to choose the optimal colors to suit our needs with a little help from the color wheel.

Part 2

In this video, we're going to be making a grid of swatches from our chosen colors in our last video. As we do so, I'll be sharing my observations and insights about our color combinations we create.

Part 3

In this video, I paint my girlfriend Vanessa's cat using our newly-created palette and refer to our swatches to get more accurate color. I show you to create vibrant color even if the reference lacks it. Thank you for watching!

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