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Sonoma Plein Air 2019: Putting It Together

Last week I participated in Sonoma Plein Air again! I am pretty happy with most of the work I did this week.

I didn't try to experiment too much; I opted to keep it simple and play to my strengths. I followed my method of painting landscapes that I've been honing over the year. Well actually, over my entire journey of landscape painting, but since around this time last year I've really been keeping it straightforward.

I'm about ready to start creating a course around my method, now that I have it pretty close to locked-down. In the meantime, please enjoy these works that I've created last week.

"Summation of Joys" 12x9 in. oil on linen mounted on board.

"Laguna Pastoral" 16x16 in. oil on linen board.

"The Fountain At The Concourse" 14x18 in. oil on linen board.

"The Russian River From Bridgehaven" 8x12 in. oil on linen board.

"Russian River Overlook, Healdsburg Ridge" 8x10 in. oil on paper.

"Furlong Gulch Evening" 6x8 in. oil on canvas board.

"The Sun Setting on Shiloh Ranch" 9x12 in. oil on linen board.

Bonus: Here are 3 paintings that didn't make the cut for the show:

Send me a message if interested in any of these pieces!

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