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"The Art Of Watching A Flower Grow" Oil Painting

The Art Of Watching A Flower Grow

Medium: oil on linen mounted on board

Dimensions: 13.5" x 9.5"

This work is featured in "The Ninth Annual Supersonic Invitational" curated by Zach Tutor - on view October 3rd - 24th, 2020 at Recess Gallery in San Francisco, CA. It is the last few days for the show so I wanted to make an extra push before the show comes down this Saturday. This painting has a lot of extra meaning for me. It has a lot to do with me evolving out of the series that defined the first part of my figurative painting career. As you may have noticed, I have stopped working on the Painted Roses series. Overall, I felt like I was repeating myself too much, and that the original concept even being technically beautiful was pretty superficial. I've been increasingly dissatisfied with doing figurative paintings that are only meant to be merely "pretty." I do continue to love the mix of decorative elements in my paintings, but I want to make sure that each figurative piece from now on has more meaning to existence than just being a pretty picture. The model is my girlfriend Vanessa. She has been an instrumental part of my growth as an artist lately, so It makes a lot of sense for her to be a part of this piece. Her reaching for a "real" flower as she is growing out of the decorative flower is meant to symbolize my own growth as an artist.

Payment plans may be available, if you can't afford to pay for this in full, you may be able to buy it in installments! Please email for more information. 

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