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Thin Coat Of Varnish, Episode 2 Show Notes

Topic #1:

The controversy caused by this painting, "Sweetest In The Gale" at Christopher Queen Gallery in Duncans Mills, California.


Topic 2:

I had a falling out with a model I was supposed to work with in October.


Topic 3:

My thoughts on Jeremy Mann's film "The Conductor" and secret pop-up show.


Upcoming Shows:

"Personas" Faultline Artspace, 815 High Street, Oakland CA. Opening Reception September 22nd

"When The Ram Met The Boar" 14x11 in. oil on linen mounted on panel.

Color study. 

The Moleskine Project at Moniker International Art Fair in London.

The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, UK

"Fetish Of Form" Gouache/Colored Pencil on Paper. 8.25x10.5 in.


Giuseppe Palmisano



 Patreon Giveaways for the month of October.

Octopus study. Oil on canvas mounted on panel. 5x5 inches. 

Tropical Fish Study. Oil on canvas mounted on panel. 4x4 inches. 

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