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Virtual Open Studio Tour!

Trying out something new: I created a virtual open studio tour on my website where you can now browse the art on my walls as well the prints I have in my bins!

Since I know that only a few of you have the ability to walk through my doors on any given day, I don't want you to miss out on it!

For this coming week, until the end of Sunday the 22nd, I will offer the same open studio prices that I offered for my wall art - many as much as 50% off!

Also, I want to offer FREE SHIPPING for orders over $40, so that means if you want to buy some small prints, magnets, postcard packs, etc. you can rest assured that you won't have to pay a bunch just to have them shipped to you on time.

Just use the code "FREEXMASSHIP" in my store at checkout to save on shipping!

Speaking of, I want to make sure you get these as soon as you can, so make sure to get your order in today to ensure you get your small prints/magnets/stickers in time to give as stocking stuffers!

To check it out, click this link: If you're on your phone:

If you want to take advantage of it, get free shipping on orders $40+ until next Sunday the 22nd!

"Hugging The Edge" 24x28 in. oil on linen board. 2015.



Interested in learning how I paint landscapes like these in one hour?

I am proud to offer this brand new video called, "How To Paint A Study In Oils En Plein Air In One Hour." I am in the middle of building a course that outlines my ECR Method of landscape painting(Establish-Compare-Refine). This is the first time I am offering my method in a concise and cohesive way. 

In this video series, you get to see the entire painting from blank canvas to finished study - the whole 1-hour documented for you! I talk the whole way through to explain my method in real time so you see what I am thinking.

This will help you:

  • Establish a framework for a successful plein air painting composition 

  • Compare your colors to the scene in order to mix more accurate colors

  • Refine your shapes and paint effective detail to finish a handsome study on location

To buy the video, click this link:

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