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4x7 inches. Gouache on toned sketchbook paper.


It's always great to see my Portland-area friends! I got the opportunity to capture this scene thanks to Michael Orwick whose collector friend has a vacation rental home in Arch Cape, Oregon. A handful of us get invited to stay at this gorgeous home which opens up to the Pacific Ocean only a few yards away. Amazing spot! We paint during the day, and share meals and drinks the rest of the time. It's great to have all that time to dedicate to art without the pressure of a plein air event, which is how I usually spend time with them.


This is a demo I created for my upcoming Sentient Academy course. I wanted to do two versions of the same scene. One in traditional gouache and one in acrylic gouache. This is the acrylic gouache version.


Paint Drip #164 Arch Cape Oregon 2

SKU: 100340
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