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6x7 inches. Gouache on toned paper.

The weather on the coast has been sooo wierd lately. Blistering heat until you get to the coast, which then becomes a wall of fog! We drove around trying to find an ok place to paint. We first tried to go to Jenner, which was socked in, so that was a no-go. Went back to Monte Rio, which was shoulder-to-shoulder crowded. I didn't love what I did but we decided to go back to the coast to try and go to Willow Creek. Lo and behold, in an hour and a half, the fog was gone! We went with our original plan, which actually turned out to be plan D for the day. Very glad we did; it turned out to be perfect and gorgeous.

Paint Drip #317 Furlong Gulch Rock

SKU: 100539
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